Often it is the smaller details which we spend the most time agonising over. Hours can be lost pondering whether new colours will fit in with existing schemes and whether they will distort the balance of a room. The whole process can become exhausting.

Beyond adding colour and vibrancy to a room, accent pieces can help to break up a space and define its character.

So, here are our tips to help you select the perfect accent pieces for your home and hopefully save you some aggravation.

1.) Consider The Existing Space

Before you can decide what new pieces to put in your room, be clear about what is there already. Is it a traditional or modern room?  Are the walls decorated one colour, multiple colours or are they patterned? If you want consistency then focus on what matches the existing scheme. If you want to add pieces that will really stand out, consider how they will look against the backdrop of your walls, furniture and existing accent pieces.

2.) Don’t Use Too Many Accent Pieces

Accent pieces are there to complement the existing space by injecting some colour, style or vibrancy into it. Too many pieces will make the room feel cluttered and overbearing. Also, the more pieces there are, the less any one piece will stand out. A beautiful tall vase or artwork can generate a fabulous feel in a room without any other pieces being needed alongside it. Less can often be more.



                                The Marble and Blue Confetti Fusion Ripple Vase (£95 from Mayalma) is a Beautiful Way to Inject Some Colour And Vibrancy Into Your Home.

 3.) Consider Size And The Importance of Functionality

What looks good is not always what is most practical for you to have in your home. Particularly in homes where space is limited, the accent pieces we choose are all the more important. A large antique coffee table may look wonderful in your apartment, but if you can’t ever use it for fear of it being damaged, then it becomes quite a burdensome piece to have.

Using purely decorative pieces is fine, just make sure you have the space for them.

4.) Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

People often gravitate towards neutral colours when decorating their homes. Neutral colours are less likely to go out of fashion and are a lesser point of contention in the interior design process.

But, some well choosen accent pieces can inject a fabulous burst of colour, style and vibrancy into a room. A lovely colourful handmade vase can really give character to an otherwise empty feeling space. And unlike a wooden floor or painted walls, it is much easier to change accent pieces when your heart desires.

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