///Mouth Blown Glass Decanters

Mouth Blown Glass Decanters

Serve your drinks in style with one of Mayalma’s stunning range of mouth blown glass decanters. No matter if it’s wine, water, or spirits such as whiskey, there’s no better way to add a touch of sophistication and class to a dinner party or event at your home than with one of our stunning, unique decanters.

Say goodbye to simply pouring drinks straight from the bottle into your guests’ glasses. With one of Mayalma’s decanters, you can bring some added elegance to any dinner party. Our decanters are available in a range of different sizes and colours. From understated and minimalistic black to eye-catching multi color effects, we have a decanter to suit every need.

The artisanal, mouth-blown nature of the decanters gives them a uniqueness that no mass-produced decanter manufacturer can replicate. However, rest assured that we rigorously check each piece of glassware we sell, so while unique, they’re still the work of expert glassblowers and of extremely high quality. Glass blowing also allows for an incredibly high quality finish that is extremely hard to replicate in mass manufacturing. Our decanters all come with stoppers in order to help preserve drinks and keep them fresh. They’re also available in a range of heights.