///Mouth Blown Glass Water Jugs
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Mouth Blown Glass Water Jugs

Bring some elegance and class to evening meals or dinner parties with our mouth blown glass water jugs. Available in a fantastic range of colours and designs, our water jugs are designed with both form and function in mind, helping to keep water and other drinks cold for longer and looking great no matter what diningware you have.

Crafted by master artisan craftsmen from Mexico, our water jugs have been made using the time honoured technique of glassblowing. Unlike mass manufacturing, creating items through glass blowing imbues them with a one of a kind uniqueness that stands as a testament to the skill taken to create such a striking item. However, rest assured that we carefully quality test every item we sell, so while unique, you have no need to worry about missized items.

Our jugs are available in a selection of different sizes, ranging from one litre to two and a half litres, and in a wonderful choice of striking designs, each a result of the unique mouth blowing process.

With such eye catching designs and intricate production processes, a Mayalma glass jug is certain to catch the attention of all guests to your home. For such a luxurious product, you would be forgiven for expecting a prohibitively high cost. However, our long-standing links to the expert Mexican glass blowing industry has made it possible for us to offer premium products at fantastically affordable prices.

All orders over £75 from Mayalma are available with free delivery.