//Mouth Blown Glass Vases

Mouth Blown Glass Vases

Add elegance and character to your home with one of our unique mouth blown glass vases. Handmade by experts from a region of Mexico famed for its ancient craft of glass blowing, one of our vases in your home is sure to become a beautiful focal point and the center of attention for your guests.

Just about every home has a vase, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need something unusual and unique. Our vases are made from mouth blown, lead free recycled glass. They are produced in the Mexican state of Jalisco, where we have formed strong bonds and relationships with leading artisans who have spent many years honing their skills in order to create incredibly beautiful, well finished and high quality products.

Each piece is made using intricate techniques that have been refined over many years and involve exceptional attention to detail. The result is that no two products are identical and each piece has something unique and special about it. We perform rigorous quality checks on each item that we sell in order to ensure that while boasting a striking sense of individuality, each vase that we sell is of the highest quality.

We stock a fantastic range of mouth blown glass vases in a huge range of styles, colours and patterns. No matter if you want a solid colour design or one which takes advantage of glass’s natural transparency in order to present a striking visual appearance, Mayalma is the only online shop you need to visit.

With such high quality, unique and well-produced goods, you’d be forgiven for thinking our prices could be prohibitively high. However, we pride ourselves on delivering extremely high quality products at incredible prices. This means that our products offer superb value for money, whether buying for yourself or as a gift for someone else.