//Michoacan Design Ceramic Pottery

Michoacan Design Ceramic Pottery

If you’re looking for a piece of premium pottery that is not only practical but that can also inject some added character to your home, look no further than Mayalma’s terrific range of Michoacan design ceramic pottery.

Our decision to stock authentic pottery from the Mexican state of Michoacan was a simple one once we’d discovered it. It is not just the quality and designs of the items, but the fact that much of is made in communities that have been making pottery for hundreds of years and have an incredible passion for what they do. On our last trip to Michoacan we met a family that have a long tradition of making pottery and immediately fell in love with their work.

Totally lead free, each piece takes approximately 4 weeks to make, as a result of an intensive baking process that the pottery goes through and because of the intricacies of the designs on each piece made. The design, materials and processes used to create each piece of pottery all combine to make items that are extremely durable and that can stand the test of time.

The real stand-out feature of the pottery, however, is in the finishing details. The patterns and colours used on in Michoacan designs range from classic, one-colour styles through to striking contrasts and eye-catching designs. These patterns and designs ensure that this pottery is the perfect marriage of form and function, and serves as a testament to the incredible detail and care that goes into each piece.

This is pottery design at its finest.