Product Description

A lovely way to add a touch of elegance to your tableware, these Mexican Pewter salad servers are expertly sand casted from lead free aluminium and then polished to give them a shiny finish that is similar to silver. The detail and artistry involved in making these is exceptional.

They are ideal for serving your guests at dinner parties and they are a lovely gift for all occasions.

Height: 15 cm

A Little More on Mexican Pewter

Similar in appearance and durability to silver, but a fraction of the cost, Mexican Pewter is a fabulous way to decorate your home and is both an elegant and beautiful addition to your tableware. Made from lead free aluminium, it requires little maintenance and is far more resilient than traditional pewter made from tin.

Mexican Pewter retains both heat and cold well making it useful for keeping food at a specific temperature. But, very acidic foods, such as lemon and vinegar should not be kept on these pieces for a long time, because doing so can lead to discolouration.

Cleaning Mexican Pewter

Unlike silver it does not require regular polishing. Warm water and a mild dish washer liquid are absolutely fine for cleaning these pieces. But, you can use an aluminium cleaning product to enhance the pewter’s appearance. Abrasive sponges and traditional household cleaning products should be avoided, as should the dishwasher. These pieces need to be hand washed and towel dried.