There are few garden chairs that are as relaxing and stylish as The Acapulco Chair. This internationally recognised and iconic piece is a fabulous way to bring some quirky character into your garden. Its unique design is not only highly attractive, but also a very effective way of staying cool on those hot summer days.

The chair was created in the 1950s in Acapulco, Mexico. Back then Acapulco was a magnate for the wealthy and well known. Strangely, the identity of the inventor remains a mystery. But, it is believed that the chair was designed by a French tourist to provide a comfortable and relaxing alternative to the conventional hardback chairs of the time.

Based on the traditional Mayan hammock, the Acapulco Chair really enhances the user’s experience. Like a hammock, the chair absorbs the body’s weight, giving you a feeling of true relaxation as you laze back into it. Made from PVC chords that are wrapped around a steel frame, the removal of a conventional back on the chair allows maximum air flow to reach your body, helping you to stay cool on those hot summer days, unlike most chairs that trap heat and often leave you sweating.


The PVC chord design allows air flow to reach your body, helping you to stay cool on those hot summer days. 

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Its unusual, weaved design is also uniquely stylish and sure to bring a wealth of character to any garden that it is placed in, from the simply organised to the highly tended. It is a true statement piece for the garden with all the design aesthetics of many of the major branded chairs, but at a fraction of the price.

This chair conjures up all the history and glamour associated with 1950s Acapulco and perhaps this is part of its attraction. We imagine the iconic figures of the time such as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, sitting in luxury surroundings in these chairs and it resonates with us. We want a piece of that iconic era and as we fall back into the Acapulco Chair, whether reading our favourite book or closing our eyes and dozing off, we feel that we have captured something associated from that time and it feels special.


The chair is now available in a wide range of colours and styles, including the Acapulco rocking and mini chairs.

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