The Origins of the Business

The story of Mayalma’s heritage began over eight years ago, when Edward took his first trip to Cancun, Mexico. It was there, amidst the parties and the nightlife, that he met his future wife – Mexican-born Alma. As Alma introduced Edward to the rich culture and tight communities of her country, their relationship quickly blossomed and Edward found himself making regular trips back across the North Atlantic to see her. The pair would go and explore Mexico’s remote areas to find unique and beautifully hand-made products and meet the people behind them.
As Edward grew to love the Mexican culture, it dawned on him that there could be a potential business opportunity in bringing some of the products back to the UK market. After balancing a long-distance relationship for a few years, Alma moved to join Edward in the UK, but they made sure to bring part of their old Mexican life with them. The couple threw themselves head first into setting up a home accessories business to celebrate and showcase the beautiful work that goes on back in Mexico, and before very long, Mayalma was born.

Hand Crafted Mexican Homeware

We have devoted ourselves to finding high quality, authentic, handmade products from across Mexico.

At Mayalma, we shirk conventions.

Our products all go through unique crafting processes – from teapots baked over the course of four weeks, to hand-embroidered Otomi patterns which are inspired by ancient spiritual wall paintings.

We believe in supporting the smaller artisan trades found in Mexico’s remotest regions.

Some of these trades are coming under threat, swallowed up by larger corporate companies, so it’s now more important than ever to celebrate and support the skill that goes into their work.

The Mexican culture

Detailed, quirky and more environmentally sustainable than mass produced items, all of our products are a reflection of the beautiful, Mexican heritage in which they’re made. No two handmade pieces are identical. Each item is unique and special in its own way.

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